Full Name
Namit Sharma
Job Title
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company
Speaker Bio
Namit leads the strategy work for the McKinsey & Company Oil & Gas Practice globally. He has extensive experience serving oil and gas companies across all key functions, particularly strategy and capital project delivery, and across many geographies, including Africa, Europe, and the Americas. He has also advised several governments on oil-industry topics.

In one recent project, Namit worked with the strategy unit of an oil major to detail a winning strategy for the company—in key areas such as unconventional gas and deepwater—and to support decision making by the board of management. He also developed a regulatory and growth strategy for an Eastern European oil company in the context of a changing regulatory landscape.

On capital project delivery, Namit has helped several clients strengthen their performance. For example, he led a project for a large international oil company to improve its capital project delivery performance to top quartile in the industry, focusing on areas such as front-end engineering and design to value.

Namit has led large-scale programs to optimize oil companies’ organizations and operational performance―including a transformation program for an oil major to achieve its cost ambition in a key African region, ensure the smooth execution of planned divestments in the region, and increase production from remaining assets.

Namit has also worked on several M&A projects across the oil industry.
Namit Sharma