Opening Remarks
Peter Kemp
Welcome & Introductions
Lara Sidawi Moore Alex Schindelar
Opening Leadership Dialogue
Amin Nasser Amena Bakr
Leadership Dialogue
Catherine MacGregor Jaime Concha
Climate Divisions and COP

Can The World Move Forward Together (and What Happens If It Doesn’t?)

The Western world has driven much of the climate agenda to date, but will a more assertive East and Global South change the debate? Is the COP process still relevant or has technology and country-level policy come to the fore? Who will pay for the transition and how?

H.E. Dr. Leila Benali Jill Duggan Bjørn Otto Sverdrup Changhua Wu Rafiq Latta
Networking Break
Leadership Dialogue
Giulia Chierchia Maarten Wetselaar Noah Brenner
Trading Across the Divide

Conflict, Trade Flows and Transition: Disruption and Opportunity

How has trade in global commodities been fragmented and politicized by the West’s attempts to isolate Russia? What is the impact of growing protectionism among competing countries? What are the new trade routes, players, hubs and commodities? Is a fragmented world tailor-made for traders to flourish or turn once-global markets into minefields?

Russell Hardy Ben Luckock Torbjörn Törnqvist Marcel van Poecke
Luncheon – Hosted by McKinsey & Company
Pat Graham Ole Rolser
Leadership Dialogue
Wael Sawan Casey Merriman
Leadership Dialogue
R. Blair Thomas Bob Maguire
Networking Break
Building the Future

Constructing Tomorrow's Energy System Today

How will the world construct an energy system that can deliver reliable, affordable and clean energy in the next 30 years? What might look the same and what will have to evolve as we think about energy sources as varied as fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear power? Is there enough industrial capacity and raw materials to realize our grand ambitions?

Farhan Mujib Alessandro Puliti Lorenzo Simonelli Andrew Gould
Leadership Dialogue
Ichiro Takahara Clara Tan
Leadership Dialogue
Patrick Pouyanné Noah Brenner
Breakfast Briefing – Hosted by Aramco
Ahmad O. Al Khowaiter Abhi Rajendran
Energy Executive of the Year Leadership Dialogue
Vicki Hollub Alex Schindelar
Electrify Everything

How Far Will Renewable Power Go?

How fast will renewable power push its way into the energy mix and what will be the drivers? What sectors are going to be electrified and at what pace? How will protectionism and national industrial policy impact the affordability and availability of renewable energy? Can grid development and storage keep up with supply and what will happen if they can’t?

Dr. Douglas J. Arent Greg Jackson Chuka Umunna Philippe Roos
European Energy Security

Will Economic Reality Realign Europe’s Supply Again?

How will Europe’s push to get off Russian energy impact the continent’s economy and politics? Will consumers, including large industrials, be able to afford energy that is cleaner and more secure, but significantly higher cost? What are the global impacts of Europe’s massive energy overhaul?

H.E. Miguel Berger Dev Sanyal Rt. Hon. Graham Stuart MP Dóra Zombori Jaime Concha
Networking Break
The Changing Face of ESG

Will Net Zero Remain the Standard?

How are public and private capital looking at exposure to carbon, and what does this mean for companies in the energy business? Will “net zero” remain the touchstone for climate-focused investors or will it be replaced by other metrics? How will ideas about sustainable approaches to investment change, as we move through a rocky energy transition?

Poppy Allonby Julian Mylchreest Meg Starr Bob Maguire
Luncheon – Hosted By OGCI
Bob Dudley Noah Brenner
Leadership Dialogue
Anders Opedal Casey Merriman
A New Paradigm for Gas

How the Ukraine Crisis Has Changed Global Gas

How has the global gas landscape changed in the past year? What do these changes mean for the flows between producers like Russia, Norway and the US, traditional buyers like Europe, Japan and China, and emerging consumers, including India? What does this all mean for long-term gas use through the energy transition?

Peter Clarke Alan Heng Patrick Lammers Charif Souki Ian Nathan
Networking Break
Leadership Dialogue
Meg O'Neill Takayuki Ueda Clara Tan
Winning Energy Strategies

How Best to Navigate Climate, Supply Security and Shareholder Returns

How can oil and gas companies best navigate the competing priorities of supply security, transition, shareholder demands and portfolio limits? Can companies move faster through the transition than consumers? Should they get more involved in shifting demand? What do shareholders and stakeholders want from incumbent energy players?

Dr. John Ardill Mark Campanale Barbara Harrison Adif Zulkifli Monica Enfield
The Geopolitics of the New Energy Economy

The emerging contests, opportunities and risks of the low-carbon transition

The low-carbon transition is reshaping global geopolitics as nations jostle for position in the new energy economy. How will tensions between the US and China, and between producers and consumers, play out? Will demand for minerals, metals and other materials create new tensions? What happens to countries that are left behind? What other sources of instability could arise, like migration?

Hon. Frank R. Fannon Rt. Hon. Prof. Charles Hendry CBE Andrew Kamau David Pike
Energy Innovation Award & Leadership Dialogue
Josu Jon Imaz Noah Brenner
Energy Innovation Award Reception
Claudio Farina Tatiana Khanberg Simon Sjøthun
Shaikh Nawaf S. Al-Sabah Amena Bakr

How Today's Events Will Reverberate Across the Region

How can the region avoid a wider war? What needs to happen to de-escalate the situation? What role can the Palestinian Authority play? Can the Israeli-Palestinian issue be contained and is there any potential for resolution? What are the implications for the Mideast Gulf? How will the energy industry be affected?

Alastair Crooke Dr. Andreas Krieg Rafiq Latta

The Messy Shift Toward a Multipolar World

How has the conflict in Ukraine accelerated the geopolitical and economic shifts away from a unipolar world and toward a multipolar order? What does the rise of China mean for US dominance? How will large emerging countries like Saudi Arabia, India and Brazil assert their own independent path, while balancing their traditional alliances. What does this mean for energy companies and commodities which flourished over the past 20 years of steady globalization?

Professor Amitav Acharya Alastair Crooke Professor Indrajit Roy Velina Tchakarova David Pike

Exploring the Intersection of National Interests and Energy Supplies

Europe’s Russian oil embargo and the G7 price cap rerouted oil and product markets – is this a permanent reordering or just a temporary shift? How are consuming nations trying to influence markets through strategic storage and geopolitical relations? How are producers responding? Who are the winners and losers? How have new trade connections changed the relationships between key producers and consumers?

Nordine Ait-Laoussine Amena Bakr Dr. Helima Croft Abhi Rajendran
Marco Alverà Kevin Gallagher Marc Roussot
Musaab Al-Mulla Alex Schindelar
Oluseyi Timothy Akinboade Gbenga Thompson Awojinrin Carolina Ana da Graca Daniel José Guzmán López Dayang Nur Syamimi Musa Nam Nguyen Victoria Prado Chiang Cheng Siew Noah Brenner

How Can CCUS Fulfill Its Promise Profitably

Can companies deliver the carbon capture the world needs at a price that shareholders can support? What is the balance of industrial advancement and government policy needed to scale the industry? What do business models look like and who will pay for them?

Alastair Hamilton Richard Jackson Montri Rawanchaikul Mauricio Tolmasquim Luke Johnson

Opportunities and Obstacles for Trade, Markets and Costs

What needs to happen for hydrogen to live up to the hype? How fast can substantial local, regional and international markets develop? Are we focusing too much on supply, and not enough on demand?

Nikhil Ati Damian Beauchamp Junaid Belo-Osagie Claudio Farina Monica Enfield
William D. Nordhaus Philippe Roos