Full Name
Velina Tchakarova
Job Title
FACE For A Conscious Experience
Speaker Bio
Velina Tchakarova boasts over 20 years of profound expertise in geopolitics, stemming from an impressive academic and professional journey in security and defense. Formerly the Director of the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in Vienna, Ms Tchakarova has discerningly analyzed the intricate landscape of global geopolitics and its resonating effects on businesses and organizations. Velina presently instructs at the Real-World Risk Institute led by the best-selling author Nassim Taleb and contributes as a member of both the Strategic and Security Policy Advisory Board of the Science Commission at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense and the peer board of the Defense Horizon Journal.

Renowned for her adeptness in research, consultation and knowledge dissemination through lectures and publications, Velina frequently spearheads and partakes in significant conferences, webinars and expert engagements, delivering actionable insights into the geopolitical matrix. At her own geopolitical consultancy, FACE [FACE for a Conscious Experience], Ms Tchakarova bridges her vast network and hands-on experience to craft bespoke solutions, aiding clients to interpret and navigate geopolitical intricacies astutely. Velina's strategic foresight enables businesses to anticipate potential geopolitical risks, trends and scenarios, empowering them to pioneer their respective domains amidst the critical uncertainty and geopolitical complexity.
Velina Tchakarova