Chairman and Chief Executive Office (Mobil Corporation)

Lucio Noto was singled out for the award by his peers because of the leadership he has displayed in Mobil's upcoming merger with Exxon, his determination to focus on shareholder value, and his major contribution to advancing the public policy debate. He has also been highly prominent within the industry in promoting open trade relations, taking a vocal position over the sanctions debate, addressing environmental concerns, and sponsoring cultural awareness.

Mr. Noto has been Chairman and CEO of Mobil since March 1994. He has a long and distinguished career in the international energy industry since joining Mobil's New York office in 1962. Mr. Noto became Vice President, Planning & Economics in 1986, was named Director of Mobil later that year, and became Vic President, Finance, and Director of Mobil Oil in 1988. A year later he was named Chief Financial Officer. His appointment as President and Chief Operating Officer followed in 1993. Mr. Noto also currently serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee of Mobil Corp. and of Mobil Oil.

Mr. Noto graduated with a degree in physics from the University of Notre Dame and obtained a Masters in Business Administration from Cornell University.

Lucio A. Noto