Winning Energy Strategies

How Best to Navigate Climate, Supply Security and Shareholder Returns

How can oil and gas companies best navigate the competing priorities of supply security, transition, shareholder demands and portfolio limits? Can companies move faster through the transition than consumers? Should they get more involved in shifting demand? What do shareholders and stakeholders want from incumbent energy players?

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Spotlight on Carbon Capture

How Can CCUS Fulfill Its Promise Profitably

Can companies deliver the carbon capture the world needs at a price that shareholders can support? What is the balance of industrial advancement and government policy needed to scale the industry? What do business models look like and who will pay for them?

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European Energy Security

Will Economic Reality Realign Europe’s Supply Again?

How will Europe’s push to get off Russian energy impact the continent’s economy and politics? Will consumers, including large industrials, be able to afford energy that is cleaner and more secure, but significantly higher cost? What are the global impacts of Europe’s massive energy overhaul?

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Electrify Everything

How Far Will Renewable Power Go?

How fast will renewable power push its way into the energy mix and what will be the drivers? What sectors are going to be electrified and at what pace? How will protectionism and national industrial policy impact the affordability and availability of renewable energy? Can grid development and storage keep up with supply and what will happen if they can’t?

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Market Management in a New Era of Geopolitics

Exploring the Intersection of National Interests and Energy Supplies

Europe’s Russian oil embargo and the G7 price cap rerouted oil and product markets – is this a permanent reordering or just a temporary shift? How are consuming nations trying to influence markets through strategic storage and geopolitical relations? How are producers responding? Who are the winners and losers? How have new trade connections changed the relationships between key producers and consumers?

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